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Transparent Sports: Safeguarding Young Athletes


The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are almost 14 million injuries occurring each year in youth sports. Half of these injuries are preventable if you know the cause and train coaches on how to prevent and react appropriately to these injuries. The importance of risk mitigation in youth sports has taken on a new importance with youth sports organizations being sued by families and found guilty of not taking care of young athletes as well as they should have. Transparent Sports was founded by Gregory McGrath to address this need and understand the cause of sports injuries, with the goal of keeping children safe and preventing injuries from occurring in the first place.


“The days of not wanting to know what is happening on the fields or in the gym are over,” says McGrath, President, Transparent Sports. With a background in enterprise software, McGrath has been a volunteer coach 46 times, so he speaks from experience. The team at Transparent Sports has developed an intuitive system to gather data in a secure and easy manner. The innovative injury tracking and analysis solution enables three things at a high level: train coaches, track the injuries as they occur, and analyze the data to determine the cause. This analysis is performed by their partner, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Researchers can now work with the data they were never able to access before. “We’re providing the toolkit to determine why these injuries are occurring, allowing for the creation of training modules for coaches, and if it then makes sense, to change or tweak some rules in sports, allowing researchers to have the data to make their case,” explains Gregory McGrath.


The system has been developed on a three-tier architecture using the Agile methodology. The solution uses SQL Server 2016 due to its native encryption to guarantee the security of the data. Built in a HIPAA compliant manner, the system is easily accessed via a smart phone, and users only need 45 seconds to create a data entry.Each new sports organization client first loads 18 pre-set data points ranging from the type of sport, conditions, age and sex of the players, the level of competition and more against which data is then accumulated. “We recognize that for our system to be used, it has to be very secure, highly intuitive, scalable and visual,” he continues.


While it is too early to provide a case study, the management of their first client, a sports organization with 16,000 athletes, is starting to understand the need to educate coaches on being prepared to deal with emergency situations. “We want Transparent Sports to become the reference worldwide for the aggregation and analysis of youth sport injuries, allowing families and sports organizations to see what’s happening and providing the tools to help them compare and contrast with other sports and organizations,” explains McGrath.


This is possible because Transparent Sports actively stays abreast of any technological development, particularly in cloud computing and security. They have been selected by the HYPE Foundation as a Top 50 leader in the field of applied technology in the sports world. “We are discussing the roll-out of the solution with five state athletic associations and two national sports organizations for the 2017/2018 season,” says McGrath. Transparent Sports is actively preparing to expand into Europe focusing on soccer, the most popular sport in many countries as the launching point for its global expansion. “We are on a mission to create a worldwide repository for sport injury data and analysis that will greatly contribute to reducing youth sport injuries in the future,” concludes McGrath.


Transparent Sports Selected as one of 2017’s “Top 50 Programs for Sports Innovation” by the HYPE Foundation

Cincinnati, OH (19 January, 2017)Transparent Sports, which uses applied data to help reduce injuries in youth and high school athletes, was chosen by the HYPE Foundation to be included in its 2017 “TOP 50” program, designating the fifty most innovative startups in the world of sports, as selected from HYPE’s jury of sports executives, professional coaches, athletes, and technology visionaries. The program serves to assist today’s most exciting sports-related ventures in gaining global exposure to leading sports stakeholders and brands.


As a part of the TOP 50 program, Transparent Sports will be able to utilize HYPE’s distinct network and resources to accelerate its own partnership development with top sports brands, clubs, and league directors. Transparent will have access to HYPE’s exclusive network of sports-focused investors for future capital raises, and the company will also have the opportunity to share its sports injury mitigation platform at major domestic and international sporting events such as the NFL Draft, the London Marathon, and the UEFA Champions League finals.


The Transparent Sports CEO, Greg McGrath stated: “All of us at Transparent are thrilled and humbled to be working with the team at the HYPE Foundation. We look forward to working with them on sharing a solution that’s so simple to deploy, and yet does so much to support the health and wellness of our young athletes. I truly believe that only through the detailed analysis of collective injury data can we achieve that next level of safety on the field.”


Transparent Sports, in conjunction with its partner Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, has deployed a patent-pending injury tracking and analysis solution that can be used for all youth sports, from kindergarten through high school. Utilizing a highly intuitive user-interface, injury data is collected anonymously, aggregated, and then analyzed by the research team to discover micro-trends in the information-rich data. This analysis, in turn, also drives the Transparent Sports’ Coach Training Video Library, which is consistently updated to reflect the latest findings by the team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. With the Center for Disease Control estimating that at least half of the roughly 13 million annual youth sports injuries are preventable, Transparent Sports is committed to using data to protect the health and wellness of youth athletes, and to providing injury – related insights to league managers, organizers and parents that have never before been available.


The HYPE Foundation, founder of the TOP 50 program, is the impact division of MG Equity Partners investment house (EMGI), in operation since 2003 and a member of the IHUB.EU – – A European Union organization. The HYPE foundation was established to create positive social impact, abundance and leadership through sustainable entrepreneurship.


HYPE’s commitment is to challenge, empower and develop the next generation of visionaries in the world of Sports. The HYPE Foundation partnered in its global programs with Microsoft, Asics, Google, Team SKY (Sky Sports) and many other key players, in addition to running accelerator programs and Hackathons around the world with over 17,000 Members including sports Startups, Sports brands, teams, Investors, leagues etc.

About Transparent Sports


Transparent Sports is a Cincinnati, Ohio, based company focused on supporting the protection of youth athletes through applied data. With our partner, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Transparent Sports is positioned to seek significant reductions in youth sport injuries.


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Goal of Transparent Sports: Harness power of data to reduce youth injuries

Startup collects, analyzes team info


Hyde Park resident Gregory McGrath, a father of four, has coached 44 of the baseball, football and basketball teams his children have played on.


Last fall, he decided to track the number of injuries – anything that caused him to stop practice – incurred by the 17 players on his youth football team during the season. He expected they’d have 20 injuries, tops, but the number was much higher – 53. The No. 1 “injury” was kids who needed a break for sports-induced asthma.


The story illustrates something that’s driving the success of McGrath’s new business, Transparent Sports – there isn’t much data on the frequency of youth sports injuries. (Kevin Eigelbach, March 2016)