The word “transparent” brings to mind the words ‘clear’ and ‘undisguised’; two words that bring to bear our inspiration for our company, Transparent Sports.


In developing an innovative injury tracking and analysis solution focused on seeking the best health and wellness outcomes for all youth athletes we are at the vanguard of advocating for our greatest resource, which is our children.  Parents are right to be concerned about what dangers may lurk in each sport in which their children look to participate. Our mission is to provide full transparency on youth sport injuries, provide detailed analysis of both short and long-term trends with our partners at the nationally-recognized Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, then provide both detailed preventative training for volunteer coaches to prevent injuries from occurring as well as to advocate for specific rule tweaks and changes to eliminate identified dangers in sports. Such an awakening of advocacy for our children’s health and wellness forms the bedrock that has come from our daily life experiences as parents, coaches, physicians and sports organization leaders. The founding partners at Transparent Sports believe that it is vital to infuse positive can-do ideals with our corporate philosophy.


On the face of it, allaying any concerns about our children’s safety provides the ease of mind that which, as parents and sports organization leaders, we cherish. Our passion is, and always will be, providing transparency as to the safety in youth athletes and then seeking to dramatically reduce the amount of injuries by educating coaches in proper training methodologies to prevent injuries from occurring as well as to seeking to tweak or change identified rules in youth sports to eliminate dangerous types of play.


“Transparent Sports…seeking the best health and wellness outcomes for all youth athletes.