The Transparent Sports Platform was designed to sit at the core of any youth sport organization’s Risk Management practice.  All youth sports organizations today must continually balance the ongoing risk of lawsuits while, most importantly, providing the highest care possible for the young athletes for which that organization is responsible.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) and Transparent Sports have partnered to create a simple Injury Tracking and Risk Mitigation Platform that fills potentially critical gaps in your current Risk Management practice.  The platform includes:


  • A premier, online, injury prevention-training program that is always timely and continuously updating – designed and built from the actual findings of CCHMC’s data analysis team (e.g., the trainings evolve as specific types of injuries become more prevalent, or as rules change). Our First-aid and Injury Prevention trainings are produced by the award-winning video production team at CCHMC, and feature actual practicing physicians providing the instruction.


  • A module-based curriculum: each training video module takes roughly 4-7 minutes to watch, and there is an associated quiz after each.  League leadership will be able to easily view, directly from their Transparent Dashboard, which coaches have completed their trainings and which have not.  We recognize the importance of a “No coaches step onto the field until they’ve completed their required trainings and passed the quizzes” rule as part of an overall, reasonable standard of care Risk Management Plan, and as such, we’ve created a platform that makes this extremely easy to practice and enforce.  The entire coach-training piece of Risk Management instantly becomes simple and streamlined by utilizing Transparent’s solution.


  • A modular platform architecture that allows your organization/league/team to use only the pieces that are needed. Our platform goes beyond trainings to also allow for electronic player form submission (e.g., registration docs, medical releases, etc.), and it also includes a simple Crowd-Sourced Compliance System that makes it simple for concerned parents to report “rogue coaching” behavior (e.g., a coach that teaches young football players to tackle “head first”) to league leadership.  This empowers leadership to act appropriately in order to avoid costly lawsuits down the road.  And lastly, it includes a “Data Dashboard” that, thanks to the power of IBM Watson, allows league leadership to view real-time data/graphs on injuries that are actually occurring  …from nationwide down to a specific zip code – for any time period designated.  Users can also view the data in several visual graph formats, download the data, and compare their organization’s data against what’s happening in other sports – in the U.S., or even around the world.


  • Being a part of the largest, most important clinical study ever conducted on youth athletics. To date, the largest study on youth sports injuries included data from only a couple thousand athletes.  Now that is being dramatically surpassed. Transparent Sports along with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Sports Medicine and Research Group are currently undertaking the largest-ever clinical study on youth sports injuries (Collected data is always 100% HIPAA compliant and 100% athlete-anonymous). We know, that when it comes to youth injury prevention, a clear picture of what’s really happening on the field is key if we ever hope to “bend the injury curve.” We are also applying the power of the IBM Watson AI platform to bring cognitive analysis to the data. This provides us with the ability to identify previously hidden relationships in the data and is a key tool in our goal to reduce youth sport injuries by 50%. Taking part in a study this important demonstrates to your parents that your organization is fully committed to providing the safest possible environment for their children.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Transparent Sports are currently undertaking the largest-ever clinical study on youth sports injuries (100% HIPAA compliant; 100% athlete-anonymous)*.  We know, that when it comes to youth injury prevention, a clear picture of what’s really happening on the field is key if we ever hope to “bend the injury curve.”


The Transparent Sports platform offers the opportunity for your organization to make a clear statement to all parents that the time has come to “level up” on how we can best protect the health and wellness of our young athletes.  With trends showing that more and more concerned parents are choosing to have their children “sit it out” rather than participate, we hope you’ll view our platform, above all else, as a way to help get young athletes (and their parents) off the sidelines and onto the field.


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(*The largest study done to date on youth sports injuries included data from approximately 2,000 athletes.  Our platform already currently collects data for over 20,000 athletes.)


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