Transparent Sports empowers national, regional, and local youth sports organizations with enterprise-level tools to seek the best health and wellness outcomes for their youth athletes. With media reporting daily on athlete injuries it is critical to be on the vanguard of advocacy for the health of our youth athletes, and only Transparent Sports provides this solution. 


Key Benefits:

  • Full access to the Transparent Data Dashboard, which allows league execs (and any other designated parties) to view never-before-available data reports regarding youth sports injuries.  Users can create visual data graphs, and parse the injury data by zip code, date range, sport, etc. (even by weather!).  Consider how productive your next organization-wide meeting could be with access to data like this.
  • The most up to date coach trainings available, created by our partners at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and featuring content that is driven by what the data actually shows, rather than by assumptions and guesswork.  For example, if the data were to hypothetically show that cold, wet weather was directly correlated with high-knee sprains in soccer players, our always-updated trainings would reflect that correlation and communicate effective strategies for injury prevention.  In other words, our online trainings don’t just teach coaches the same, tired material based on old assumptions, or what’s been receiving the most headlines recently.  Our trainings prepare coaches for what’s actually happening out there, taught to them by actual physicians at Cincinnati Children’s.  And as an additional benefit, organization/league officials can easily view which coaches have completed their trainings, and which might need a friendly reminder before opening day.
  • An incident reporting system, that empowers league execs to know about “rogue coaching behavior” before it can result in a negative outcome.  Using the simple interface, parents, athletes, and other coaches can easily report dangerous behaviors to league officials so that it can be handled appropriately.  This system is a critical step to help defend against potential injury-related negligence lawsuits.
  • Simple e-filing of all documents, allowing coaches to easily maintain all registration and health forms in one simple repository that’s always safe and accessible.
  • Being a part of the largest, most important clinical study ever conducted on youth athletics. To date, the largest study on youth sports injuries included data from only a couple thousand athletes.  Now that is being dramatically surpassed. Transparent Sports along with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Sports Medicine and Research Group are currently undertaking the largest-ever clinical study on youth sports injuries (Collected data is always 100% HIPAA compliant and 100% athlete-anonymous).  We know, that when it comes to youth injury prevention, a clear picture of what’s really happening on the field is key if we ever hope to “bend the injury curve.” We are also applying the power of the IBM Watson AI platform to bring cognitive analysis to the data. This provides us with the ability to identify previously hidden relationships in the data and is a key tool in our goal to reduce youth sport injuries by 50%. Taking part in a study this important demonstrates to your parents that your organization is fully committed to providing the safest possible environment for their children.